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ProMat 2019

April 8th-11th, 2019 |  Consultant, Attendee

McCormick Place

Chicago, IL 

ProMat is where manufacturing and supply chain professionals come to find their supply chain WOW – that trend or technology that will take their supply chain to the next level of success. Discover the latest solutions to move your business forward as the industry’s leading innovators showcase their latest manufacturing, distribution and supply chain equipment and systems at ProMat 2019 held April 8-11 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.


SPOTLIGHT: SmartCloud’s Artificial Intelligence Offers Big Benefits to Businesses with Dynamic, Self-Optimizing AI

Choosing the right technology solutions, providers, and partners are enormously important tasks. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology provider you select for your business can help optimize your operations, drive growth, and create a strong return on investment. With the continued expansion of the IoT industry—Gartner projects an impressive $8.9T in expected market growth alongside an increase to 20.4B connected devices in use by 2020—the pool of available technologies also continues to expand rapidly. This is great for industry leaders, because innovative solutions are more widely available than ever before. However, selecting an IoT provider that lacks the ability to scale, deliver rollouts on time, or provide updates in the face of challenges can cause major delays and unplanned costs for your business. For this reason, rapid growth in the IoT industry should also give industry leaders pause. To navigate this issue, I recently wrote a list of four factors to predict industry leadership potential. My aim is to help decision-makers determine which solutions or providers are right for your company. Today, I’ll shine the spotlight on an excellent under-the-radar IoT solution from SmartCloud, Inc. as a means to provide an in-depth example of how I used these steps to find a tech provider with true leadership potential. Because I aim to bring great products to my network, I only connect businesses with technology providers that truly have the potential to make an impact in the Logistics, IoT, Supply Chain, and Transportation industries.   When determining the level of impact these tech solutions may have, these are the four factors I consider:   1) Know Your Niche 2) In-Person Reviews 3) Peer Perspectives 4) Inspiration and Drive      Finding Under-the-Radar and High-Value Solutions 1) SmartCloud Knows Its Niche: When evaluating SmartCloud’s artificial intelligence (AI), I first spent a significant amount of time assessing whether the company...

4 Factors to Consider to Check Leadership Potential: How to Evaluate a Potential Client, Provider, Partner, or Your Own Company

Becoming a leader in the IoT industry depends on many factors—including the strength of your solution, the fortitude required to drive growth, efficiency of your operations and supply chain, pricing strategy, partners, etc. However, establishing industry leadership depends heavily on the opportunities you create. Whether you’re trying to supply a new technology to others or looking to find technology to optimize your business’ operations, knowing how to foster the right connections between tech providers and users is extremely important to your short-term and long-term success. Here are 4 steps you should know about how I select the right clients to partner with and represent:    Know Your Niche With years of professional connections, working relationships, and industry knowledge under their belts, consultants offer network growth, prospect lists, and valuable advice. Having the right consultant is extremely beneficial for accelerating business growth through connections. Simultaneously, consultants are also an excellent resource for those who are looking for emerging technology or new opportunities to optimize their own businesses. Because these connections are so valuable, I evaluate a potential client for Ken Ehrman Consulting as I would from an investor’s and customer’s perspective. My clients are vetted and undergo a rigorous selection process. If I intend to spend my time and open my repository of resources to a client, I need to be sure that this is a cutting-edge solution that will provide measurable and tangible benefits to the end users. As an entrepreneur in the IoT industry myself (as founder and CEO of I.D. Systems for over 20 years), any potential client of mine also needs to be a representative or developer of a compelling technology in the IoT industry.  It doesn’t have to be the cheapest or the fastest solution, but it does need to be on the leading edge. If you have a technology company that can deliver value based on the IoT industry’s...

Mastering Trade Shows in 5 Steps: Accelerating Network Growth and Market Visibility

Whether you’re a participant or an exhibitor, there are 5 things that really make a great impact on your trade show experience. All of the major players in your industry will be present, so do not miss out on the opportunity to attend these trade shows—even if you don’t plan to exhibit. Here are 5 things you can do to maximize your presence at trade shows and conferences.   Continue reading or click "play" to watch the video version  Establish Significant Connections Establishing connections is a vital part of helping your business thrive. While the power of networking is hardly a new concept in the world of business, trade shows offer different methods of establishing these connections that are somewhat unique to this type of event. Because your industry’s major players are all usually available in a trade show setting, you hav the ability to connect more easily with executives and decision-makers who would normally be outside of your network—then bring them into your circle. One method of connecting with other players in your industry would be the relatively traditional meeting arrangement. You can contact an individual ahead of time and schedule a sit-down. However, this isn’t required. You can (and should) walk up to a booth and ask to meet with executives or the CEO. If no one is available right away, it’s absolutely worth the wait to stay near the booth and gain some additional information until the CEO returns. In fact, this may provide you with a few more interesting talking points. It’s certainly worth the effort to learn when c-level individuals are available. If it sounds like their schedule is tight, find out whether an executive you’re interested in meeting is giving a presentation or participating in a panel, then try connecting with them during that time. Don’t be shy—this is an excellent opportunity to create face time and real-world connections with leaders who are otherwise outside the scope of your current network.  Check on...









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