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Excel in Your Target Market with Expert Advisory for Tech and Industry Companies Serving Logistics, IoT, Supply Chain, and Transportation


Short-Term & Long-Term Executive Advisory options that provide effective solutions for revenue and growth
Build visibility and credibility to drive sales with leading F100 companies that are ready to buy, while establishing a comprehensive network of industry thought leaders
Develop new or expand existing patent portfolios with strategies to improve protection of your inventions, competitive advantages, and protection from patent trolls

Actionable, specialized advice that improves perceived value and positively impacts the results of pitches and presentations


With years of expert experience gained as the CEO of a high technology, IoT industry leader, you’ll gain the advisory and strategies to create sustainable growth and accelerated, proven approaches. Learn how to dominate your chosen market, then remain there for the long term.

Long-Term Advisory

Years of expert experience are at your fingertips anytime with a long-term relationship.


  •     Expert Advisory for Industry or Technology Solutions serving IoT, Logistics, Supply Chain, & Transportation


  •     Available on retainer to address your company’s long-term interests for Target Market, Product, and Business Cycle Advisory


  •     Guidance for tech or industry solution implementation, review, and readjustments for sustainable growth
Short-Term Advisory

Gain decades of experience condensed into a short, effective session when you need it.


  •     Expert Advice for Industry or Technology Solutions serving IoT, Logistics, Supply Chain, & Transportation


  •     Availability via your choice of an hour-long or day-long session designed to address your business concerns



  •     Resource suggestions for continued education and opportunities for growth
Target Industry and Market Strategy
Implement proven, innovative strategies to build credibility and become a leader in your target industry
Build Strategic Connections
Connect with a comprehensive network of CEOs and industry thought leaders to build influence and gain prospects
Establish Market Leadership
Set the right path to go from concept to IPO to market leadership, and create successful strategies to sell into your target market
Industry and Technology Best Practices
Implement and keep ahead of relevant tech or industry trends to build revenue, improve operations, and increase ROI
Product Development Strategy
Utilize 30 years of experience to streamline your product development, decrease time to market, and address the IoT needs of F100 customers
Accelerate Timelines and Business Cycles
Learn top-down and bottom-up approaches to icrease ROI and create strategic, actionable plans to shorten sales cycles
Market Requirements and Expectations
Know not only the industry requirements for your product, but the market expectations that give you strategic advantages about how to price, when to launch, and more
Create Strategic Initiatives That Drive Growth
Implement proven, innovative strategies to build credibility in and become a leader in your target industry

  “In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.”

-Harold S. Geneen


Skip the cold calling—when building your company’s network and credibility, the right connections make all the difference.

Monthly Availability

Connect with a vast network of industry executives, thought leaders, and prospective clients whenever needed.


  •     Access to monthly connections with executives across a wide range of companies serving Logistics, IoT, Supply Chain, and Transportation


  •     I’ll work with you to connect with key targets and progressively build industry credibility


  •     Grow your company’s circle into a vast network of resources and professional relationships
Connections As Needed

Gain access to one key recommendation or introduction, or multiple connections only when needed.


  •       Access to ad-hoc introductions with key industry players who can help put your product in front of the right decision-makers


  •       Connect with one target executive, representative, key decision-maker, thought leader or media influencer


  •       Key networking opportunity guidance for specific events, showcases, or  industry meet-ups

Gain Visibility

With targeted introductions specific to your goal market, I help you gain visibility among top industry players

Increase Credibility

My business contacts know that I only partner with viable innovators who have the potential to be leaders in tech. Connecting with target industry leaders the right way makes a world of difference.

Sales Opportunities

Find prospective clients and major industry players who are ready to buy your solution

Connect With Decision-Makers

Decrease the amount of time it takes to achieve your growth goals by connecting directly to the key decision-makers in your target market

Make the Right Impressions

Learn how to speak the language of your target customers, so that you always have the ability to guide the conversation

Build Thought Leadership

Build your resources and thought leadership connections, from peer executives to influencers and media outlets

Revenue Acceleration
Generate revenue faster with advisory to match you with the right partnerships
Be in the Right Places

Identify the best resources, trade shows, and media outlets, and press connections to establish promotional impact


When it comes to intellectual property and patent strategy, you need to know who has what and how you fit in. Having the right patent portfolio advisory makes all the difference when developing and protecting your company’s solutions and inventions.
Portfolio Creation Strategy

The beginning or early phases of your product development is the most important times to protect your solution. Start with strategies to protect your intellectual property.


  •       Protect your assets and solutions with advisory geared toward establishing the most comprehensive patent protection


  •        Provide guidance to navigate relevant, market-specific intellectual property landscape


  •       Establish best practices for choosing between patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or copyrights
Portfolio Expansion & Growth

If you have an existing portfolio, I’ll help you grow your portfolio by isolating the best opportunities to expand your patents and stay ahead of your competition


  •       Review existing patents and ensure that claims are properly tailored to your current and future objectives


  •       Protects intellectual property against patent violations or other concerns


  •       Remain ahead of your competitors in your industry with advisory to establish and sustain market leadership with your patents
Patent Portfolio Strategy
Protect intellectual property from patent violations
Patent Troll Planning
Learn to avoid or handle patent trolls with strategies that work
Establish Market Leadership
Understand how to navigate patent portfolio creation or expansions cost-effectively, while balancing protection needs
Establish Market Leadership
Develop strategies to best establish and protect leadership in your target market
Monetization Opportunities
Identification and/or writing the most powerful claims to effectively monetize your patent portfolio
Sustain Your Edge
Build predictive strategies to sustain your edge over potential competitors and do it cost effectively
Understand Your Options
Know when trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, or patents offer the best protection
Development and Expansion Strategy
Learn how to move beyond current patents into more comprehensive coverage


Don’t miss an opportunity—learn how to improve your appeal and ensure that your presentations generate interest. I take my years of experience building a high technology IoT leader from the ground up, taking it to IPO, securing 2 secondary offerings, numerous private placements and strategic investments, then combine it with market expertise from the perspective of an investor to ensure you have the best strategies to generate interest with your own company’s presentations.
Monthly Availability

Ensure that you have the guidance required for success on a regular basis when you need it


  •       Presentation review services available on retainer for overviews as needed


  •       Advisory for future updates and messaging adjustments based on target interest group


  •       Establish strategies and approaches that work for growth of interest generation and improved responses
Single Presentation Review

Have a key presentation or pitch coming up? Single reviews are available on an ad hoc basis


  •       Advisory based on a single presentation in relation to company goals


  •       Coaching to adjust existing messaging for your target audience


  •       Guidance regarding key terms to use and avoid when communicating your company or solution’s core value statements
Presentation Review and Guidance
Leave the right impression with your audience about your solutions and goals
Optimize Your Messaging for Greatest Impact
Expert advisory merges CEO needs with investor interests to best communicate solution benefits
Accelerate Interest Generation
Increase your company or solution’s perceived value to accelerate growth
Drive Opportunity Growth and Value
Increase your company or solution’s perceived value to accelerate growth
Address and Appeal to Investor Concerns
Whether it’s for a funding round or a particular prospect, learn what your audience is looking for
Properly Framing Growth or Decline
Learn to contextualize your successes and “failures” to increase trust in your company
Refine Your Company Vision
Gain the outside perspective that ensures you’re communicating your company vision clearly
Learn Industry Best Practices
Use the right terminology for your specific industry, market, or group


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