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Ken takes the common industry & technology problems that plague many companies and guides other entrepreneurs through various solutions in his Ehrman LIST Series. Through his videos, he helps position companies for growth and success.


Data is the New Oil: Drill Into Data & Achieve Success with Analytics

With more Internet of Things (IoT) devices in use than ever before, there’s never been a better time to look at your data, assess your performance, then make transformational changes to your business and your bottom line. Here’s how to drill into that data and achieve success with IoT in your industry… Read More

How to Achieve 15-20% Growth for Your Company in 2018

To keep your 2018 projections from becoming an empty promise, be aware that the calendar change gives many the false impression that growth simply happens over time. Instead, real growth requires changes in your company’s plan. As you’re coming up to the end of this year, look at the steps, strategies, and advice I’ve outlined below to help you achieve your projected growth in 2018… Read More

Pricing Your Tech: Your Technology Product’s Functionality Is More Important Than Its Cost

Making your technology valuable to your market is the most important part of growing your business—and pricing your products correctly is an essential part of that effort. If you want to make an impact in your target markets, the first step is to understand how your company’s tech differs from your competition. Here are some important considerations for how to prioritize your functionality and establish the right price… Read More

Taking On the Giants: How Small to Midsize IoT Tech Providers Can Land Fortune 100 Customers

As a small to midsize Internet of Things (IoT) provider, landing a Fortune 100 company as your client is a huge undertaking with potentially massive benefits for your company’s earnings. F100 customers are large—meaning that they have much to gain from understanding how best to use their assets, where their high-value assets are, and how they can generate more revenue with an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution… Read More

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